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The text first chapter 10 heavy flesh

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1The text first chapter 10 heavy flesh  Empty The text first chapter 10 heavy flesh on Mon Jul 04, 2011 9:29 am

supra shoes Big, LongYuan province from dynasty, the first big family, the verification away in the garden "in, the host of" morning mist also did not disperse, a group of children a verification, started the morning exercise, 3. The Lord is LongYuan every party province governor for advice in one hundred, ancestors from sendoh ten branches of one of the door, then from after TaiZu from royal emperor wu made low the world. LongYuan hidden dragon in the province, and it is abyss, originally capital.
water grip After the founding of big from dynasty was supposed to its capital in here, but because the land is too heavy, LongYuan water eventually give up the idea of its capital. But a big fire from dynasty, of fire from. Water is not in its capital pressing, LongYuan, so its capital in the southern "use"But this time the court but ancient capital verification, visible to the master of the house of the other court trust. Because of this, a verification prominent, family mansion covers an area of one thousand mu. Inside courtyard garden with innumerable, common people, in, must go out to get lost. From the name of a verification away in the garden can see come out. "The host," all-Supras TK Society Shoes encompassing meaning. Ping ping The wind roar, air concussion.
These families, speed, such as the tiger found, such as the sheep on a cow, such as the eagle strike white rabbit, such as cranes standing body gestures are loose top waist, hip is one quick relentless. Especially their limbs and a big spine, action between opening and closing, just like to pull the full bow, five kicks out similar arrow, fall like the wind, show a strong foundation. But at this point, a pair of eyes, in the distance the darkness of the rockery group, secretly looking at their various actions.
adidas water grip Unexpectedly is stealing learn fighting skill. The eyes of the master, is a young, 16-year-olds in gray, peremptory parody is a page. "One month before I found a sewer, could actually direct inner rockery group of the mire. Otherwise, I still could not have got into the inner court to steal. If found to learn fighting skill, prepare to die but we cold total might not do a lifetime of slave.". Party carefully watching these cold advice children of the action, any expression action, he jordan discount shoes written in mind. Not wrong, he stole in to learn fighting skill.
Party a verification is a cold slavery, and the small is that kind of slave. Small son born
His father is the original verification GuDing, so he was born, be destined is the slave of the verification, even children for generations, a verification effect. A humble GuDing identity, incredibly sneak into away in the master of the house, steal learning martial way, this kind of behavior, it really chuan is rampant, not afraid dead to the fullest. "Come!" Party out of the cold, and saw a man in a purple robe of middle-aged adults appear in large in the distance on LianWuChang, couldn't help the body motionless.
supra shoes The purple robe middle-aged, nine feet tall, AngCang lofty stand back, such as sword, like a gun, like a high mountain, oppression and, although far apart, but party almost want to stop the cold of your breathing. This is a master, a verification "the spirit FangTong hand"!!!!! His illustrious name, shock, to the great river north and south is a verification of the martial arts professor disciple advanced.
Supra Skytop Shoes "Officials have ten!!!!!!!!!! Do tem products prime minister, do local inspection! And we practice, it is divided into 10 heavy flesh!!!!! A heavy keeping in good health, double, triple practice force moves, four heavy firm soft, five heavy divine power, six heavy breath, seven, eight heavy weight and within nine heavy channeling, extraordinarily brave!!!!!!!!!!" god is ten heavy

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